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BODY AND SOUL is an award-winning feature-length documentary (54min), which tells the inspiring stories of three young Mozambicans with disabilities.

Victória transmits the self-esteem she received from her education to other physically disabled women by organizing a fashion show; Mariana uses her social energy to create helpful friendships and overcome urban architectural barriers and Vasco does business, repairing shoes in the informal sector.

LATEST NEWS ABOUT THE FILM (Festivals & awards)

FILMINITIATIVE KOLN e.V. – OUT OF EUROPE” / Cologne, Germany (20th -30th September 2012): FilmInitiativ Köln e.V. is an association  of journalists, media educators and cineasts from Cologne in Germany, established in 1988. One main activity of the group is the presentation of African films in Cologne.

BODY AND SOUL will be screened o wednesday 26th at 18h (See program on page 99)

THE OTHE FILM FESTIVAL / Melbourne, Australia (19th – 23rd September 2012): The bi annual festival has attracted a powerful program of contemporary international film,  and a controversial selection of films that will challenge every assumption ever made about sex, love, romance, marriage, gender reassignment and disability.

BODY AND SOUL will be screened o sunday 23rd at 18h.

RESISTANCES FILM FESTIVAL / Foix, France (6th to 14th July 2012): For its 16th edition, the festival offers a beautiful time to reflect on citizenship.

MILLENIUM INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL / Bruxelles, Belgium (17-04 to 05-05 2012): How do young people live and what challenges they face in the beginning of this new millennium ? How do they see their future ? How do they build their identity while major changes occur in society ? This topic is the one chosen for this year’s edition of the festival.

DOCUDAYS UA /  Kyiv, Ukraine (23 – 29 March 2012): Docudays UA is considered to be largest information campaign on human rights in Ukraine. Docudays UA in Kyiv and Travelling Festival which is held in about 120 towns all over Ukraine gather more than 178 000 viewers in total. Films are screened at cinemas, cinema clubs, universities and secondary schools, culture houses, etc.

FIRST PRIZE IN ITS CATEGORY! – Docudays UA – Human Rights Film Festival in Kiev

“Body and soul” inspires Ukrainian and worldwide audience . Watch the video!

AFRICA WORLD DOC FILM FESTIVAL / St Louis, USA: Sponsored by the E. Desmond Lee Professorship in African/African American Studies, Center for International Studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis, the festival has as its objective the promotion of knowledge and culture of the people of Africa, in a Pan-African context.

Multiple venues and dates in 2012:

  •  “I Will Tell” Int’l Film Festival / London, UK / Aug. 30-Sep. 9
  • Obafemi Awolowo University / Ile-Ife, Nigeria / May 1-6
  • University of Kansas / Lawrence, KS, USA / April 25-28
  • St. Louis University /  St. Louis, USA / March 26-31
  • University the West Indies / Cave Hill, Barbados / Mar. 8-11
  • Missouri History Museum / St. Louis, USA / February 24-25
  • University of Missouri  / St. Louis  USA / February 22
  • Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame / Alabama, USA / February 16-18
  • University of Yaoundé / Yaoundé, Cameroon / February 7-10

REELABILITIES FILM FESTIVAL / New York, USA (9th – 14th February 2012): With a selection of award winning films, ReelAbilities is the largest festival in the country dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities. Post-screening discussions and other engaging programs bring together the community to explore, discuss, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience.

BODY AN SOUL will be screened in 4 Locations in New York City:
Guggenheim Museum (Manhattan): Friday, February 17 at 3pm
The JCC in Manhattan: Monday, February 13 at 7pm
Filmwax (Brooklyn): Sunday, February 12 at 6pm
Actors Fund (Brooklyn): Thursday, February 9 at 7pm

SAN DIEGO BLACK FILM FESTIVAL  / San Diego, USA (26th – 29th January):  SDBFF is one of the largest black film festivals in the country and second largest on the west coast. It screens over 100 films each year: comedy, drama, documentaries, animation, LGBT, horror, religious, foreign/african diaspora, shorts, feature films and music videos.

AFRIFF INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / Lagos, Nigeria (30th Nov. to 4th Dec. 2011): The Afriff International film festival is the new annual appointment of the world film community celebrated on African soil!


CHASHAMA FILM FESTIVAL / New York, USA (10th to 13th November 2011): In the heart of New York city, Chashama Film Festival exhibits films that explore the current state of flux in the world, with a focus on societal change brought on by clashing philosophical and sociological ideals.

“Body and soul” received the FESTIVAL’S MOST INFLUENTIAL FILM award!

LUMIÈRES D’AFRIQUE / Besançon, France   – (5th to 13th November 2011): Screening fiction and documentary films, the Lumières d’Afrique Film Festival is an important encounter for African Cinema in France.

FILM AFRICA / London, UK (3rd to 13th November 2011):  10 days of more than fifty of the best African fiction and documentary films from across the continent.

The director of “Body and soul” attended the festival and had the opportunity to be part of a Q&A with UK audience.

“Body and soul” was promoted by the BBC. Watch the article and video piece produced by BBC journalist Cordelia Hebblethwaite:


Among the UK audience were students of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. Listen to the podcast broadcasted on SOAS Radio and produced by students Estrella Sendra Fernández (MA in Critical Media and Cultural Studies) and Caitlin Pearson (MA in African Studies): http://soasradio.org/african-film-podcasts

AFRICA IN MOTION / Edinburg, Scotland (2nd to 6th November 2011): This year Africa in Motion focuses its attention on films and events that open doors to children and youth in Africa.

“Body and soul” screening was part of AiM’s African Social Documentaries Strand developed in partnership with the Scottish Documentary Institute, was very well received by an audience of journalists, Film Studies, Documentary and African Studies educators and students from Edinburgh.

Follow the link to read review from burkinabe/french journalist Claire Diao: http://www.clapnoir.org/spip.php?article764

KENYA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / Nairobi, Kenya (21st to 30th October 2011): 365 films have been screened from over 50 countries in ten days simultaneously during the festival in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret and Nakuru.

TERRA DI TUTTI FILM FESTIVAL / Bologna, Italy (6th to 9th of October 2011): There are 50 documentaries scheduled at Cinema Lumière, dedicated to the best works among the over 240 inscribed production to this edition and dealing with international social issues. “Body and soul” is one of them!

ZIMBABWE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / Harare, Zimbabwe (30th Sept. to 7th Oct. 2011): Apart from screening fiction and documentary, the festival also embarks on a major community outreach project that will see in excess of 10,000 students and /or community groups being given the opportunity to attend screenings at tents in the park, local community and school halls.

21st MESSAGE TO MAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / St Petersburg, Russia (23rd to 30th of September 2011): The name of the Festival «Message to Man» also became its mission. It refers to the Bible and reflects the essence of the Festival’s purpose: Faith, Hope, Love, Grace, Compassion – eternal human values that we always need in life as well as in films.

“Body and soul” inspires viewers at the 21st Message to Man Film Festival in St Petersburg. Watch the video!

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (September 21st – October 4th 2011): The trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) is the largest event of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean and continues to evolve and expand in celebrating expression and empowerment through film.

38th JORNADA INTERNACIONAL DE CINEMA DA BAHIA / Salvador da Bahia, Brazil (9th – 15th September 2011):

“Body and soul” received The GLAUBER ROCHA AWARD and the award for the BEST FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY.

Since its origin the festival defended the slogan “for a more human world.” “Body and soul” was selected amongst more than 500 films coming from different parts of the world (Poland, Japan, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Chili, Mozambique, amongst others).

ASSIM VIVEMOS 2011 – BRAZIL’s 5th INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Rio de Janeiro (August 16th – 28th), Brasilia (September 13th – 25th), São Paulo (October 5th – 16th). The festival presenting films about disability from all over the world has been the greatest celebration of cultural inclusion in Brazil. Like all the other films presented at the festival, “Body and Soul” will be subtitled with special captions, and will have audiodescription possibility.

14th ZANZIBAR INERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / Tanzania / June 18th – 26th2011: “Body and Soul” was part of the official selection, within a lineup of 71 films, 46 in competition and 6 world “premieres”.

The film received 2 AWARDS: The SINGIS COMMENDATION AWARD and the ZIFF JURY SPECIAL MENTION http://www.ziff.or.tz/news/winners-announced-annual-ziff-awards-ceremony

“Body and soul” inspires viewers at the 14th Zanzibar International Film Festival. Watch the video!


“Body and soul” is awarded the 30th URTI GRAND PRIX FOR AUTHOR’S DOCUMENTARY  – Arman Trophy 2011

THE TRIUMPH OF DISABILITY AND…AFRICA! (Download the document and see on page 3)



The Jury of the 30th URTI International Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary announced its prize-winners’ list in Monaco on Tuesday, June 7th 2011. This Jury, chaired by Dora Bouchoucha, Tunisian producer of international renown, was made up of representatives of fifteen nationalities. 223 documentaries were presented in the competition by 140 television channels from 64 different countries. The prizes were awarded in the framework of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival during a ceremony organised at the Hotel Hermitage.

The 30th International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary – Arman Trophy was given to the film « Body and soul » for the strength of the rejoicing treatment of the theme of physical handicap and the perception of it given to us.

The film was presented by the Mozambican National Television TVM.


“Body and Soul” is promoted on Mozambican national Televison (TVM):

TVM announces nation wide through its 20h  TV News (14/06/2011), the award that “Body and Soul” won at URTI’s 30th Author Documentary Great Prize.

Film director Matthieu Bron and two protagonists of the documentary, Victoria Massingue and Vasco Covane, are invited at Mozambican popular TV show “Tudo às 10”.

RTP ÁFRICA: “Body and Soul” was broadcasted on RTP ÁFRICA in May 2011: The film was seen in PORTUGAL, MOZAMBIQUE, ANGOLA, SÃO TOME & PRINCIPE, CAPE VERDE, GUINE BISSAU.

NOTE: The film will be broadcasted again at the end of 2011. The dates and times of broadcasts will be announced on this site.

ADDIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia / June 23rd – 26th 2011: Official selection

Click here to see the festival’s program and read interview with the director

8th FESTIVAL DE CINE AFRICANO DE TARIFA / Tarifa, Spain (11th to 19th of June 2011): With a programmation of 140 films, this year festival is a rendez-vous for lovers of African cinema in Spain.


11th FESTIVAL DE CINEMA IMAGE ET VIE / Dakar, Senegal (15th to 19th of June 2011): The Festival is organized by the Group Image et Vie, an NGO for cultural and cinematic action. The films will be projected in Dakar and in several regions of Senegal in the framework of itinerant film.

MOZAMBICAN NATIONAL TELEVISION (TVM) / October – November 2010: “Body and Soul” is broadcasted on Mozambican National Television covering the whole country. Film director Matthieu Bron, accompanied by film protagonists Victoria, Mariana and Vasco are promoting the film at Radio Mozambique, the private television station in Miramar and TVM.

OPEN-AIR SCREENINGS IN MAPUTO’S SUBURBAN AREAS / October – November 2010: With the support of the Spanish Embassy in Mozambique, the production company MEETINGS organized the open-air screenings of the film in five suburban areas of Maputo city (see photos here): Matendene, Bagamoyo, Chamanculo, Mafalala and Polana Caniço.

The idea behind these screenings was to make the film accessible to audiences who rarely attend the conventional cinema halls of the city centre for economic reasons.

Most newspapers in the capital have promoted the spread of the film in the neighborhoods:


WORLD DAY OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY / Maputo / October 2010: Screening and debate around the film “Body and Soul” at Maputo Superior Institute of Health Sciences (ISCISA), during the World Day of Occupational Therapy’s celebration in Mozambique.

5th DOCKANEMA – INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL / Maputo / September 2010: “Body and Soul” premiered in Mozambique at the 5th edition of the festival DOCKANEMA. The film received a warm welcome from both national and international audience.